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Rafhy apparel has a wide network of services to retain the key accounts of the company stayed for long and profitable business concerns. Rafhy apparel has been a company over the last three years on the succession based on its different operational effectiveness and assessing the market dynamics. It focuses on creating a fit between the customers demand and company's resource capability (Financial, Human, Technological, Intellectual and Reputation). The resources Rafhy apparel possess matches the competency to be a leading manufacturing company of knitted garments across Pakistan.

We are specialized of delivering value to our customers by assorting the wide range of product description and categorize the product's specification as per the market trends.

We produce the knitted garments in the following ways to ensure the customers demand of quality retained and met the higher level of satisfaction by managing our key accounts in this field. We offer the very basic product to High fashion products as along with the solid to Yarn Dyed and Rotary Prints, embellished Garments with and without various wash effects.
We are Producing & Supplying Polar Fleece, Velour, Sherpa, Auto Stipper and Solid knitted fabric on our own knitting machines and shearing machine.

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